Lies Pauwels (° 1968, Ghent) is both director and actress.
She worked closely with Alain Platel and Arne Sierens, and was featured in the trilogy they made together for Victoria: 'Mother and Child', 'Bernadetje' and 'All Indian'. She acted over the years even in many other Victoria-productions (eg WYSIWYG, üBUNG, Puss Puss Puss, Aalst,. A woman who has reached the horizon ....), and performances of various artists and groups such as the Enthusiasts, Stella Den Haag, Tg STAN, Theatre Klara (CH), Toneelhuis, Dood Paard ... She worked with among others Johan Dehollander, Eric De Volder, Peter venden Eede, Tom Van Dyck, Frank van Passel, Pol Heyvaert. She worked for productions with writers like Cristophe Vekeman, Brusselmans Herman, Paul Mennes, Kamagurka, Pascale Platel, Pjeroo Robjee, Rob de Graaf, Dimitri Verhulst, Finally she starred in films such Josse De Pauw, Dominique Deruddere and Felix Van Groeningen, and she did television work.

Since 2001, Lies Pauwels mainly focused on creation. Together with a group of friends, she created her directorial debut in Victoria Club Astrid (2001), which immediately caught on internationally. A final international breakthrough came with her second performance, White Star (2004), who in 2005 was furthermore awarded the prize for best presentation at the Contact Festival in Torun (P). In 2007, Lies Pauwels at the question from Manchester International Festival and Contact Theatre in Manchester a performance casting and directing. This resulted in Reasons For all the wrong that went on tour through Europe and was also invited by the Singapore Arts Festival.

Lies Pauwels works for all her performances significantly with improvisations, albeit very controlled improvisations:
Meanwhile Lies Pauwels did a lot coach work (eg for the dance of Latrinite) and gave several workshops (eg Kulturhuset Stockholm, Rote Fabrik Zürich, Espace des Arts Chalon-sur-Saone, Dublin). For some time, she also taught at the RITS.

In early 2010 directed Lies Pauwels in Torun in Poland the self-created presentation Caritas, two minutes of silence. (Caritas I dwie minty czisy)
In 2011 she plays as an actress in Freetown by the Dutch company Dead Horse and won the Columbina (prize for best instrumental role) 2011 This show played recently in NY.

In 2011 she directs at the request of the National Theatre of Scotland for the first time an existing text Knives in Hens by David Harrower.
In 2012 she was again asked by the National Theatre of Scotland to make My Shrinking life to make. A play based on the experiences of Alison Peebles as MS patient.
Domestically made them in the same year Laisse tomber for the KIP.

"Lies Pauwels can invest. She gives herself totally - with much trepidation, she wants no gratuitous things - continuously assessed against its sense of "is that correct?" But with a very high risk factor.